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Our Collective Good
Online magazine highlighting inspiring, enlightening, thought-provoking, informative, joyful content representing Humanity's Collective Good.

Joy home for children
Hyderabad, India

Letters Of Note
Correspondence deserving a wider audience

Dr. Wayne Dyer

South Africa Good News

A Daily Inspiration

Uptown Liz - making a difference

KIVA - Change a families life

Feeding America
Their mission is to feed America

The Care Bags Foundation

Great Nonprofits

Do Some Good - an app for change

Operation Nice - encouraging people to do good

What if faith groups worked together

Building respectful relationships between diverse groups

It Gets Better
Believe Out Loud
Global Soap
How a bar of soap can help someone

Shoes for need

Modest Needs
Promotes the self-sufficiency
of low income families

Beyond Borders
People and skills for disaster relief

Spark Program
Apprenticeships that changed lives

Invest in ideas - fund creativity

Get involved

Ryan's Well

Flying Kites Charity

Free The Children

Alex's Lemonade Stand

Kids Saving The Rainforest

The Ladybug Foundation

The Shadow Angel Foundation

Heifer International
Give the gift that keeps on giving

Works Conversations
Art and beyond


Artists Inspire Artists

Inspire Me Now

I Heart My Art

Inspired By Artists

Inspiring Artwork - video

Starry Starry Night - video

The Doggy Diary

Jan's Funny Farm
B.J. Taylors Dog Blog

Peggy's Pet Place
Halo Pet Foundation

Benjamin Franklins Daily Diary
How does your day compared

Inspiration through poetry 

Poetry Videos

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Daily Good
Daily Good leverages the internet to promote positive and uplifting news around the world

Everyday Heroes
- Daily Good

Foundation for a better life

Inspirational Videos - Pass It On TV Spots

Positive News.Org
Inspiration for a child

New Earth Daily
Your source for positive news

Positive Science News

News that'll make you feel good

Video inspirations from Tonic

"Everything you do in life will be insignificant...but it's very important that you do it."
― Ghandi

Zen Habits
- - - breathe

Dare to minimize

Warning - this could change everything around you!

Inspiring News Stories
A glance at current headlines with positive news

Happy News

Good Evening

Story Tellers For Good

Go within or you simply go without

Gives Me Hope Videos

Karma Tube Videos
Watch. Be inspired. Act.

Your Inspirational Stories

Inspiring Stories
Readers Digest

Only Good Mood News
Stories that give hope

I Am The Change
Films on social change

Karma News Latest Videos
Watch. Be inspired. Act.

NBC Making A Difference

Stories about people who are making a difference
in the lives of others

Daryn Kagan
Show the world what's possible

Daryn's Blog

Service Space
Technology to inspire volunteerism

Good Press News

Be Inspired By Violin Nick Kwas

Beethoven - Symphony Number 5

Symphony Number 9

The Piano Guys

New Violin Dubstep

2 Cellos

Dare To Dream Big - Piano

Studio Sound Cloud

August Rush - Music It's Everywhere

Jack Dawson
Jack Dawson Street Performer

The Happiness Project

Tiny Buddha
Simple wisdom for complex lives

1000 Awesome Things
Ideas worth spreading

Peace Correspondents
A better world

Larry Hattebergs People

Videos of people with a story

Wedding Vows

Oprah - Good News

Zen Habits
Your daily does of Zen

88 Bikes
You can make a difference

KIVA - Change a families life

Invest in people not objects

Vision And Verb Photography
Raising money for Kiva

Ted - Inspiration Stories

Design inspiration

Inspiring Stories
StoryCorps Blog

Inspire21 Inspiring Stories

Academic Tips - Moral Stories
- inspiring stories

Inspiring Blogs

The Professional Hobo
Follow the travels

Meant To Be Happy

Backpack Canada

Solo Traveler

Hecktik Travels
They sold everything they owned to travel the world

Bacon Is Magic

The Planet D
Dare to not be inspired!

The Lighthouse Blog
The Bluegrass Notes
Living above the fray

The Art of Non-Conformity
Be careful because this could change your life

Eileen Caddy's Daily Guidance

Mirth and Motivation

Writing Your Destiny

The Care Movement

MSCO Unconventional Thinking
Mark Stevens

Marci Seither

The JackB

Life for Instance

Hello My Name Is Blog

Allison Social Development Group

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Ode Wire
Intelligent Optimism

Inspire Your Neighbor
Share your stories of inspiration

Random Acts of Kindness Foundation
Inspiring people to practice kindness

Featured Bloggers

USA Today Kindness

Gives Me Hope

Daily stories of good

Small acts of kindness

Do One Nice Thing

CNN Heroes
Be the change

Inspiring Young People
Never give up

Inspire My Kids

Inspiring Story Autism

Kids - inspiring stories
Show the world what's possible

Kids Give Me Hope

Starfish - an inspirational story

Mattie J.T. Stepanek
The boy who inspired the world

5 Videos To Inspire Teachers

Making Change Now - Bilaal Rajan
Tips from an underage overachiever

Gimundo - Good News Served Daily

Videos worth sharing

The Don't Quit Video

Inspiring Cinema

Daily Life Inspirations

Think Different
Break the rules

TV Commercials That Inspire

Levi's Go Forth

Charity - Water With Jennifer Connelley

I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing

Ordinary People

Maybe The World Breaks On Purpose

O Pioneers

Paul Potts - What A Beautiful World

Paul Potts - Nessun Dorma

Paul's Blog

Paul's YouTube Channel

Optimist Videos

50 Incredible Historic Speeches That
Should Be Watched

10 Inspiring Celebrity Commencement Speeches

How To Live Before You Die
Steve Jobs

Penguins - BBC

Cheers Beer - It's the little things in life

Maybe - Michael Jordan

True Colors - Dove
Good Videos - inspire

Charice Pempengco I Have Nothing At All
Celebrate the small

Lin Yu Chun
You Can Shine - Pantene

You never forget a good teacher

Cancer - Lance Armstrong

You Raise Me Up -

Honesty - Pass It On

Spirit Of America

Ronan Parke
Because of You

Health Passion Love
The human spirit


Inspiring Speeches of the 20th Century
A collage of speeches

Commemorating Mattie Stepanek

A Tribute To Mattie - Oprah
Inspired By Photography

Intriguing Daily Photographs

PhotoBlink daily photo
Inspiring photographs

Live nature

We promise an amazing photo every single day!

National Geographic photo of the day

Time - Light Box Pictures Of The Week
JS Online - Photos of the week

Steve's DigiCam - Photo of the day

Notes From The Road
Be inspired

One Inspirational Photographs

Sue Henry Inspirational Photography
Brentwood Photography Club

Pop Photo

Photos - photos - photos

Timothy Allen
Travels - Human Planet


Digital Photography Online School
Take the plunge

Trevor Clark
The Journey

Do Something Good

Wide Angle
Photo Blog

Sue Henry Photographs

Alex Beadon Photography

Chris Nash Photography

And then she snapped
A woman and a camera

Little by Little Blog

Photography Blogger

Better Photo Of The Day

Daily Walks

Kat Eyes Studio

Sue Henry's List of Inspiring Blogs

Dream Tomorrow, Live Today, Cherish Yesterday

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Inspiring Blogs

Meant To Be Happy

Six Simple Rules

Remember - A family history blog

Boomer Highway

Smiles and Trials

Sue Henry Blog
Wonderful photographs, as well

Touching and Inspiring Stories

NieNie Dialogues
Written by mother of four Stephanie Nielson, this blog uses words and photography to document her
joy-filled life

Not Martha
For those with a flair for crafts and cooking, this site
is a haven full of fun and unique ideas.