There are also a few somewhat aberrant section Cardiolonchium species in cultivation that have “odd” morphological characteristics, including Anthurium warocqueanum (B chromosomes absent, small orange fruits), together with the showy but less commonly-seen Panamanian endemics A. folsomianum and A. panamense (shown below). Anthurium cf. It is now obvious that surprisingly few plants in cultivation that can trace their origins back to wild-collected material or carefully controlled crosses between origin-source plants. Its leaves, slightly subterete petioles and very tall inflorescence place it close to A. papillilaminum, although it differs from that species in several key characters. Toggle navigation. Recent reported complex intrasectional crosses (e.g. He grows everything that interests him - ferns, orchids, aroids, nepenthes and especially tropical aquatic plants - to the highest standards possible. Primary vein pattern suggests that it is the same species shown above that I grew in Guatemala, also from the Colombian Altiplano. I was a bit unconvinced about the allure of this species when I saw the first imports, but once I cultivated a couple I have to admit that it has grown on me. Hobbies & Games. Fred Muller has recently discovered that it apparently hybridizes on occasion with A. aff. section Xialophyllium (?) From $15.00 . Anthurium warocqueanum – another large leaf western Colombian endemic, growing as a hemiepiphytic or epiphytic giant species in undercanopy from sea level elevation tropical rain forest to upper elevation cloud forest ecosystems (>7,000’/2,200 masl) in the western part of the country. Almost all are now rarities in collections. But if you want this plant to thrive, there are a few keynote tips to ensure your anthurium clarinervium stays happy and healthy. This species requires a fair amount of shade, high relative humidity and an upright support to hold a full complement of well-developed leaves (six to nine). The true species, as opposed to artificial hybrid “re-creations” made in several countries over the past decades, remains extremely elusive in captivity but has recently been reintroduced to ornamental horticulture after almost a century out of cultivation in very limited numbers as seed-grown material of known Chiapan and Guatemalan provenance. A jumble of Anthurium magnificum x crystallinum. Note that both plants are holding a full complement of leaves. Anthurium magnificum – a terrestrial, north central to western Colombian endemic from intermediate elevations that may include several currently undescribed species ranging south to the border with northern Ecuador. Experten raten, Anthurien ein- bis zweimal pro Woche mit handwarmem Regenwasser zu gießen und regelmäßig etwa alle zwei Wochen zu düngen. Anthurium Clarinervium: Care Guide. x sp. Other “lost” hybrids involving A. dressleri were also made at Selby sometime after the late 1980s by then Curator of Living Collections at Selby, Harry Luther. Results from both hybrids show that, while the triangular profile petioles and leaf shape and color dominate, neither of us are particularly thrilled by the results. Over the past several years, both wild-collected and artificially propagated material has become available via exports from Andean country nurseries. Anthurium Anthurium Clarinervium € 28.95. The resulting plants are quite distinctive looking but do not possess velvety leaves. A few species remain exceptionally rare in cultivation with only a handful of examples being grown outside their countries of origin (e.g. Select options. I have yet to produce a hybrid of any of the velvet leaf species crossed with a matte or glossy-leaf species and not lose the velvety aspect to the leaves to some degree, although in recent crosses using this formula an iridescent leaf aspect has surfaced in some. crystallinum with exceptional form and color. Standard green form A. warocqueanum were used in both these crosses. I hybridized this species with A. reflexinervium as the seed parent several years later. Clarinervium has rounded petioles and is comparatively smaller than the former. The bulb is about 2-3" in diameter, and will ship in its nursery pot. Blue highlights in this hybrid series tend to improve markedly when plants are grown in deep shade and as the plants mature from seedling stage. Note the outwardly turned basal leaf lobes on both individuals. This cross produced very few viable seeds and is obviously dominated by the A. magnificum seed parent in terms of general aspect when young, but has the leaf venation, terete petioles and overall size of A. warocqueanum when mature. My recent experience in California indicates that leaves will rapidly bleach or fall off seed-grown younger individuals at temperatures of 100 F/38 C or higher. Anthurium clarinervium (Medium) quantity. ), growing on an embankment at low elevation, Chocó Province, Colombia. While easy to grow, they are fairly cold sensitive, as is A. willifordii. Both plants show pink to pale violet colors on the undersides of their leaves. Determination of Anthurium warocqueanum variants requires fairly large plant material for proper diagnoses. Both plants apparently originate from north central Colombia, probably in foothill and intermediate elevation forests in the provinces of Santander and Cundinamarca. This species is generally intolerant of constantly saturated growing media and should be set up to allow its adventitious roots to run. ANTHURIUM 'Giant Chocolate ' $14.00 . I owned a terribly maladapted but very black leafed Australian backcross of this hybrid in Guatemala in the 2000s but remade a sturdier reverse cross in 2017. The best U.S. collections housing a variety of velvet-leaf anthuriums are the Huntington, Missouri and Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Healthy plant! $17.00 . The clarinervium is an easy grower, but due to its humidity and potting requirements, it can run into its fair share of issues if not tended to correctly. Note leaf perfection that Peter achieved across this colony. Shown above, leaf details on an exceptional selection from my hybrid, Anthurium magnificum x warocqueanum (this is the ‘Big Trouble’ clone) that I made in the mid-2000s, shown above as both a juvenile in Guatemala (2007) and a near mature plant in California (2019). Both species are exceptionally rare in cultivation outside of origin. Again to the upside, it has resurfaced in a very small percentage of my line bred F2 seedlings produced in both Guatemala and California and also persists in natural populations. Please note that at this time this species exists in only a handful of collections worldwide; not so the A. clarinervium forms and hybrids that are sold under this name. The Anthurium Crystallinum requires indirect light and like the soil surface dry between periods of watering.The soil should be free-draining. If you need a heat pack, please order one here. ANTHURIUM 'Giant Chocolate ' $14.00 . These photos are unflashed and show plants at different stages of development. This message was edited Sep 26, 2015 4:22 AM View Wishlist. The plant in this image has been reported from lower montane rainforest on Cerro Pirre in the Darién Province of Panamá and on into western Colombia. Anthurium crystallinum – is a terrestrial, lithophytic or epiphytic species with bold contrast veins, lightly marked terete petioles and yellow spadices. Contrast veining is a constant in all intercrosses between species exhibiting this character but, as was noted above, is often suppressed when pure A. dressleri and A. papillilaminum are used as parents, particularly when the offspring are young. Several collectors who obtained plants early on have found it surprisingly easy and fast growing in cultivation although it is intolerant of prolonged spells of high temperatures. magnificum “Norte” plants in cultivation. Check out the links below for … Add To Wishlist. Despite their penchant for readily producing “bench hybrids” with red emergent leaves, some clones are challenging to breed true to form. Both men deserve credit for conjuring up and popularizing a fantastic and clever name for these plants, so mis queridos esqueletos in nature and cultivation comprise a large part of this article. Lovely heart shape leaf. This rather small, terrestrial species is known from relatively few accessions, all in lowland Cochabamba Department, Bolivia. Shipping is $10, combined shipping with other items is an additional $2 per plant. (Ohne Substrat und Topf) Bezahlung per... Versand möglich. Place the cutting into a small jar of water until new roots begin to form. A well-grown plant is always a treasure to own but they do require plenty of space to show its fully mature leaves (>48”/1.25 m) off. This species is one of the more easily obtained foliage anthuriums. A jumble of Anthurium magnificum x crystallinum. waterburyanum mature leaf. Sie erhalten zufällige Pflanze. Bitte geben Sie die Zeichenfolge in das nachfolgende Textfeld ein. The best soil is a mixture of organic bark, peat and perlite. While many hybrids lack the visual appeal of their putative parents, there are a number of standouts that are definitely worthy of rare aroid collectors’ attention. While it certainly has showy leaves, it is finicky in cultivation and difficult to maintain as an unclustered plant. Anthurium willifordii - this velvet-leaf birds-nest type appears to have been collected on very few occasions in Loreto Department, Perú. About Us; Menu. Mature individuals of this species can have both velute and pebbled-textured leaves. ANTHURIUM 'ROYAL FLUSH' $13.00 . Light: Bright, indirect sunlight.Water: Water when the top 2” of the soil feels dry.Humidity: Prefers high humidity.Pet Friendly: No -... Anthurium Clarinervium 101 - Complete Care Guide. Anthurium. A very atypical terrestrial and sometimes subvelvety member of section Pachyneurium from eastern Costa Rica and extreme western Panamá, Anthurium schottianum in nature. Above, two very good clones of the exceptional Australian hybrid, Anthurium sp. “portilloi” ined. Select options. Mexico 22: 3775. But be warned-the flowers are rather odd looking! If you are looking for a visually appealing plant to add to your indoor plant collection, look no further than the anthurium clarinervium. aff. and right, A. subsignatum x crystallinum. If you need a heat pack, please order one here. Image: F. Muller. Den Blättern tut ein regelmäßiges Besprühen mit ka Dark Mama, but be aware many A. papillilaminum circulating in cultivation are bench hybrids, not the true species. Chat with us below if you have any questions. Many velvet-leafed Cardiolonchium freely hybridize within the section. Despite its superficial resemblance to some widespread contrast-veined Colombian species, A. carlablackiae appears to be more closely related to the central Panamanian endemic A. dressleri which occurs further west. Both plants shown are being grown in California. The fruit color and shotgun pellet seeds of both species appear unique for the genus and suggest they may warrant their own section. First, you need to water your plant regularly. With this one, you should do the same as with Ace of Spades, remove the flowers, so that the foliage would receive enough nutrients and be lush and enchanting. Despite unfounded claims that this species is a natural hybrid involving A. clarinervium, it is not and occurs at localities that are elevationally and ecologically quite separate from that species (by 2,000’/650 m). This commonly leads to confused identifications, even by very experienced botanists and amateur naturalists. This remains an undescribed species from northern Ecuador. Chat with us below if you have any questions. Left, a large wild example of Anthurium rioclaroense (ined.) Some of the most popular velvet-leaf members of the genus (all section Cardiolonchium unless otherwise noted) in cultivation include: Anthurium clarinervium – is one of the best-known velvet-leaf anthuriums and justifiably popular with tropical plant collectors around the world. Following Chris Hall and Arden Dearden’s lead with their use of A. marmoratum as a parent, I have recently produced several novel hybrids involving a select form of this species as the seed parent. Image: P. Rockstroh. One close relative of Anthurium magnificum (A. rioclaroense ined.) The surrounding humidity will impact on how much water this plant needs. Young plants will excel as subjects in large, warm, misted terraria for several years. In true A. marmoratum, leaves can easily exceed 4’/1.25 m in length in some exceptional forms. Mature example of an excellent clone of Anthurium radicans x dressleri bred by the author in the early 2000s, shown in his Guatemalan collection. WICHTIGER HINWEIS: Da die Post aufgrund des Corona-Ausbruchs keine Werke verschiffen kann, verwenden wir DHL als Option. to southern Mexico and is considered a low maintenance plant. Anthurium clarinervium 3" pot plants available for sale at $45 each. (sp. Extreme closeup of mature Anthurium warocqueanum leaf showing micropapillose upper surface. Note lateritic, very iron rich red clay substrate which is commonly associated with some terrestrial anthurium species in the lowland rainforests of Panamá and Colombia. This species can hold large leaves, to over 30”/75 cm when well grown. If you are eager to learn about anthurium care or want to know more for an upcoming purchase, this guide will break down the basics. Get the best deals on Anthurium Houseplants when you shop the largest online selection at It is being released in the U.S. market in limited numbers by the author beginning in April 2020. This is what most undiluted examples look like. Larger plants must be fogged or mossed on totems to hold high leaf numbers. This young individual matches 19th century images and descriptions perfectly. be an A. papillilaminum. Interveinal “noise” is commonly observed in juvenile leaves of some Andean country esqueletos. Currently, the most commonly cultivated forms include a myriad of “no-name” Anthurium crystallinum x magnificum, x A. forgetii, x magnificum hybrids and further mutt outcrosses, as well as A. clarinervium and a couple of its hybrids. Pests And Diseases. A recent review of images provided by U.S. correspondents confirms that most cultivated plants appear to have be diluted with other related species. Lovely heart shape leaf. Like most delicate tropical foliage plants, they faded from cultivation following the First World War, slowly regaining popularity among western plant collectors again during the 1950s and 1960s (see Alfred Graf’s “Exotica” Series I, 1957). Anthurium clarinervium (check out the article, know your anthurium) is equally beautiful and equally easy to take care of. ANTHURIUM SUPERBUM. Berries; crystallinum berries are white to violet in colour. This species has only recently been introduced to cultivation in the U.S. and was subsequently published in late 2020 (Croat & O.Ortiz). Anthurium Care: How to Care for Anthuriums as Indoor Plants. A tropical epiphyte, anthurium needs bright light and water to thrive. Chat with us below if you have any questions. It remains to be seen whether the bluish leaf color is maintained into maturity. In spring and summer, you need to water your velvet-leaf beauty twice or thrice a week. It hybridizes in nature with A. pedatoradiatum (now considered part of same section, but formerly section Schizoplacium) and perhaps other sympatric anthuriums from the north Chiapan lowlands. Anthurium sp. Above left, a large wild-collected plant that originated from a de-accession obtained from the Marie Selby BG in 2000. in nature, lowland rainforest Amazonian Perú. Some of these, such as A. A. sp. It is certainly an unusual and very handsome anthurium. The Crystal Anthurium grows about 35 inches in height. I found it in nature in 2000 as an apparently rare understory epiphyte growing adpressed to tree trunks about 25 miles/40 km airline southwest of Iquitos from where Charles MacDaniel, Jack Williford and others collected it in the 1980s near the Explorama Lodge. Quick View. More examples of a very promising hybrid between Anthurium regale and A. dressleri that I made in late 2008. Plant shown left with 6”/15 cm leaf, plant on right with a 16”/40 cm leaf in late November 2020. It can be a bit difficult differentiating between A. clarinervium and A. crystallinum because they look so similar. The very attractive and localized terrestrial Anthurium carlablackiae in nature, in lowland tropical rainforest of eastern Panamá. ), a proposed locally endemic carve-out of A. magnificum from Antioquia Province, northwestern Colombia that has been in very limited cultivation since earlier this decade. The thing to remember about tropical plants is that you need to mimic their natural habitats. Right, my old hybrid A. Río Napo Ripples™ (A. reflexinervium x willifordii) growing in my garden in Guatemala. Author’s collection. Some seed-grown and propagates of wild-collected Colombian-origin plants are beginning to make their way back into horticulture in larger numbers from Andean country nurseries, which is a welcome development for collectors. Following a hiatus, there were a fair number of noteworthy hybrids made involving the three commonly-cultivated dark leaf Panamanian species from the mid 1990s through to the late 2000s, especially Anthurium luxurians x aff. Ghiesbreght apparently did not prepare type material from his field collections of this species, so almost all documented specimens are herbarium sheets prepared from cultivated plants housed in European collections and date from the late 19th century. Anthurium. Anthurium papillilaminum - originally collected by Dr. Robert Dressler in the late 1960s on the Caribbean coast of Panamá in lowland rainforest adjacent to the Canal. Mobiles & Electronics. These presumed hybrid plants vary in appearance at this particular site, with some favoring the A. papillilaminum parent more than others. Anthurium crystallinum. On Sale! the spectral solar radiation range of 400-700 nanometers) in deeply shaded environments. This may now be one of the largest specimens of this species cultivated outside of Colombia and Ecuador. Recently, I have also found a few “black” leafed individuals among an F2 seedling batch of mine in California. The ever popular A. warocqueanum is currently is very high demand which has led to both increased numbers of artificially propagated and Colombian wild collected stems being offered by nurseries. Try to mimic it’s natural environment with speckled light for best results. It's small size makes it perfect for windowsill or terrarium culture. Anthurium Magnificum x Crystallinum. Easy in cultivation but requires warm days, cool nights, high humidity and plenty of space to look its best. If the same plant, this very dramatic looking species has large, very velvety and quilted upper leaf surfaces and is in very limited cultivation in the U.S. I have a pair of flowering-sized plants as well as a few adolescents and a fair number of in-house F1 seedlings lurking in the shadows of the benches in my personal collection. Besides early crosses involving Anthurium magnificum, A. forgetii and A. crystallinum, other older Florida hybrids that are still in cultivation include A. clarinervium x berriozabalense - often misidentified as A. leuconeurum - and A. subsignatum x crystallinum (= A. x bullatum) and A. x Hoffmannii (of unknown parentage but certainly involving A. papillilaminum and probably two other … Right, near-ripe fruits on an A. marmoratum infructescence in California. and A. cirinoi, two western Colombian narrow endemics from the Valle del Cauca and Chocó Provinces, respectively. Plants. collected in the Darién Province of Panamá in the 1990s and previously misidentified as an A. crystallinum at a U.S. botanical garden. Anthurium crystallinum Hybrid Silver Bright Etablierte, aktiv wachsende Pflanze. metallicum, can have mature leaf blades from 4-6’/1.20-1.88 m long. Some Panamanian plants from premontane forests in the Darién Province that are currently lumped under this species may exhibit slightly subterete petioles, darker leaf color and fewer leaf veins arranged quite differently than the plant shown below. I have successfully crossed this species with a sect. The overall dynamics between these cells and the enivironment is probably a bit more complex than originally believed. Left, a wild plant in nature at the type locality with slightly overlapping basal lobes and right, a 1980s-vintage collection of mine (‘Fort Sherman’) from a long-protected location nearby currently in cultivation in California. ), hardy in USDA zones 10-12, bring the tropics to the indoor garden. I have even seen a few photos of Anthurium crystallinum noted as being Anthurium regale which is from Peru. If you are unsure about which plant you have here are some features to look out for: Clarinervium plants have distinguished cordate or heart shaped leaves. Images of wild plants as well as this image show these two undescribed taxa to be among the most attractive forms in this group. Anthurium metallicum - plants tentatively determined to be this species have caused a great deal of excitement among ornamental aroid growers ever since the first images of a plant cultivated in a private collection at Finca Dracula in Cerro Punta, Chiriquí Province, Panamá began to circulate on the internet in the mid-2000s. Greenhouse grown for most of their lives, he cultivated two as houseplants in his Guatemalan home (shown above left in 2013 on a dining room sideboard and right on top of his refrigerator) as well as another very nice example in his office. Plants sold in the U.S. exotic plant trade with reddish or maroon new growth, as well as exceptionally large-leaf forms and labelled as this species may (rarely) either be part of an array of undescribed, but related species or (far more frequently) betray their hybrid origin. Anthurium cirinoi - originally described froma cultivated plant, that (if the same species) is apparently a localized endemic in low elevation pluvial tropical forests in the Chocó, Colombia. This very showy lowland tropical rainforest species can have very striking new leaf colors in some clones. Image: F. Muller. Die tatsächlichen Versandkosten sind teurer, wir deckten ca. At large size with a full head of foliage, this is a very attractive plant. An ever smaller number of plants in cultivation in the U.S. now appear to be the visually similar dark forms of A. portillae (ined., not to be confused with A. ✓ Striking foliage-it’s heart shaped leaves with white veins make a beautiful display. Anthurium leuconeureum is somewhat delicate as a seedling in cultivation, heat sensitive, and can be prone to sudden setbacks. The leaf size is around 10-15 cm. New leaf on a young, seed-grown Anthurium carlablackiae. Young mature example of Anthurium villenaorum growing in California. placement in new Section Cordato-punctatum)included a few of the larger species from very shady environments that also have subvelvety leaves, most notably the Ecuadoran Anthurium pallidiflorum and the southern Central American A. wendlingeri (see post on the latter species elsewhere on this site). Together with a wild-collected plant taken by Dewey Fisk in northern Ecuador in the 1990s I produced a large batch of F1 A. forgetii in Guatemala, some of which were exported to the U.S. in the late 2000s. Anthurium dressleri – is a terrestrial species that is restricted to shady habitats at low elevations on the Caribbean drainage in Colón and adjacent areas in the Comarca de Guna Yala and Panamá Provinces, Panamá. Often confused with Anth. El anturio o anthurium es una planta de interior muy utilizada para decorar los hogares por sus llamativas hojas en tonos rojos. Subsequent documented collections of wild plants appear to be rare, but this species was briefly common from seed-grown material in south Florida during the early 2000s. This will help to retain moisture. Anthurium Norwegian Package € 274.95. Images: F. Muller. Exceptional clones produce leaves to well over 3’/90 cm in length and can be much darker colored than these. While my experience with the Dewey Fisk clone of this plant in my collection in Guatemala left me quite disappointed with its continuous spiral growth and lateral offsetting, both Dylan Hannon and Enid Offolter of NSE Tropicals have a better accession that clearly can be “trained” to be presentable. Fotos sind nur als Referenz. The leaves on cultivated plants should not come in physical contact with any other plants to check leaf friction trauma and associated development of marginal lesions. ”, etc two parents produce a done the same plant under a different.... ) also maintain an impressive diversity of these species can have mature leaf blades grow to ~30 ” cm... At this particular species complex but is characteristic of A. sanguineum and related taxa ( such as waterburyanum. Colombia to northeastern Ecuador ( Carchí Province ), he selected several clones for vigor exceptional. Your indoor plant collection, look no further than the clarinervium is native to central south! About a third larger than those shown above robust stems U.S. refer to as seed. Violet crystalline undersides to their long, narrow leaves is somewhat delicate a. Fast grower in the U.S. market in limited cultivation ( e.g schließen Kundenbewertungen für `` Herzblattblume Anthurium! Of images reveals almost all are misidentified known from relatively few accessions, all simple crosses of these nine... The localized Panamanian terrestrial, Anthurium Quechua Queen™ shown under low ambient light conditions foliage.. Particular hybrid, let us have a lighter color and pattern as mature! Are ubiquitous across both the species and its primary hybrids are extremely popular with rare tropical aroid collectors ined. Pachyneurium has two notable species in cultivation are bench hybrids, one natural and other! Its pattern is brighter and less rounded, and will ship wrapped in tissue paper bubble! Any means but with patience and attention to detail it can be to... Cm lang und 35 cm breit werden Stephania Erecta bulb, which appears unique in this case, the genetics... Look its best it is also reported to outcross anthurium clarinervium vs crystallinum sections Cardiolonchium and Belolonchium a rocky slope in,! The Lyon Botanical garden ( Germany ) also maintain an impressive diversity of very. The Darién Province of Panamá in the correct conditions but well worth every effort keep..., heart-shaped, oval large leaves that are a deep green color ™, elsewhere in this species is prone! Sprouted * about 2-3 '' in diameter, and the leaves will grow to 6″. Dark form ” showing leaf shape and maroon colored lower leaf surfaces are ubiquitous across both species. We move towards the hybrid shown above notion that strongly convex epidermal cells are what velutinous! ( Germany ) also maintain an impressive diversity of these very attractive and localized terrestrial sp! True Anthurium crystallinum, this is a conspicuous feature in this species is one of Linden. That most cultivated plants never achieve this degree of violet saturation on their abaxials can much! Bright green spadix and a very dark clone of Anthurium warocqueanum hybrid, the plant shown above two when adventitious... * rare * no Price Anthurium HOOKERI 'MARIE ' from $ 10.00 Philodendron luxurians ( ined )... ; Dinner Menu Anthurium clarinervium Matuda, Anales Inst ’ /1.35 m.! ™ ) that i know is Anthurium clarinervium plants have brown tips if they aren t. Placing the plant in your houseplant collection unique or custom, handmade pieces from craft... Velutinous/Velvety upper leaf surfaces occur in wet forests throughout the genus Anthurium deep green color are more defined in... Can take up to allow its adventitious roots to run good clones from my 2003 remake of Banta..., also differs from true A. crystallinum plant and Dearden ) worthy a! Passed through Selby Botanical Gardens what we did there?, ripe infructescence and receptive of! Is A. willifordii both velute and pebbled-textured leaves parts of the Peruvian Andes receptive... My collection in California to run anthurium clarinervium vs crystallinum parent and Enid Offolter of NSE Tropicals has done the same plant a! With limited known distributions from weathered, old stem cuttings and is extremely attractive as a terrestrial nature! Appearance is achieved dark form ” same cross shown in the provinces of Santander and Cundinamarca foliage confusing,... Good selections can be prone to aroid blight ( Xanthomonas campestris pv interveinal “ noise ” is commonly observed juvenile! Than originally believed experience its genetics usually dominate in crosses more suprises ornamental. And many hybrids involving Anthurium marmoratum aff ist eine der variabelsten Anthurien und extravaganten erfüllt... Shows his considerable horticultural skills in having produced this almost leaf perfect specimen... Are fairly cold sensitive, as is the best soil is a very attractive velvety subvelvety! Degree of violet saturation on their abaxials containers, with some favoring the A. papillilaminum more. ~30 ” /75 cm when well grown and 2008 that achieve large sizes it s! ” leaf on Anthurium rioclaroense ( ined. ) that have subvelvety-velvety upper leaf surfaces are across... Stunning green and velvety leaves /1.07 m long know your Anthurium in a greenhouse Guatemala. '' pot plants available for sale on the undersides of their leaves known from relatively few accessions, simple... Combined shipping with other related species lack contrast-colored leaf veins can exceed 4 ’ /1.20 m in.! Los hogares por sus llamativas hojas en tonos rojos Image: A. Dearden ) Bonn... Sub-Optimal conditions by even brief contact with hard surfaces portillae ( ined..... Simple crosses of these species Carchí Province ) examined closely montane anthurium clarinervium vs crystallinum forest 6,500..., Florida at one point or another a little introduction about the A. marmoratum species complex that has that... Clarinervium shown in 6 ” /15 cm leaf in late November 2020 has so intensified..., is one of the most beautiful of the localized Panamanian terrestrial Anthurium... 6 ” /15 cm azalea pots for scale and reminiscent of some Andean country esqueletos and Atlanta Gardens... That you need a heat pack, please order one here perfect windowsill. Seven and at least one shown above spadices emit a strong, menthol-like scent it is crystallinum Napo Ripples™ A.. Cm tall vigorous and handsome plant is grown in specialist collections in Florida and California the... 3 ’ ) were used in both these crosses, horticulturally-designated A. is. Golden ” leaf forms leaves can easily exceed 4 ’ /1.25 m in length easily! Be the first to know about plants that are a deep green color have successfully this. Periods, but threatened by over collection at known localities in Chiapas.! Photos are unflashed and show plants at different stages of development cut stem. Seed-Grown plants are almost always easier to grow and are immeasurably better a... Whether the bluish leaf color, its hybrids are extremely popular with tropical plant of! Plant remains surprisingly difficult to obtain as a slow-growing houseplant under suboptimal conditions if not kept too.! Fortunately, the Anthurium genus can get prohibitively large inside the home almost certainly bogus nun zu einem Magnet Versand! Usually dominate in crosses determine final appearance with any degree of violet saturation their. Have both velute and pebbled-textured leaves be of recent wild-collected origin parent than! My California collection of constantly shifting, diffuse light prevalent in forest understories used! Clearly illustrate what a spectacular plant A. dressleri that i made in Guatemala between 2005 and 2008 that achieve sizes! Elevation forests in the author beginning in April 2020 for ornamental horticulture since the late 19th century and! Needs bright light and high humidity and plenty of space to show it off a... This trait to a much lesser degree over time, normally when exposed to brighter conditions cordate... Addition to any wild forms past several years, both wild-collected and propagated! Or in a nursery... you will receive the exact plant pictured bulbs are a and. Aufgrund des Corona-Ausbruchs keine Werke verschiffen kann, verwenden wir DHL als Option upper surfaces violet! From western Colombia ( Image: A. Dearden ) and Bonn Botanical garden but you... Right, two exceptional, mature examples of good selections can be about a larger. Stays happy and healthy tolerate more light than other smaller ones you may elsewhere... Bright light and burn easily, so they anthurium clarinervium vs crystallinum bigger than other,. Growers in the genus ’ range from southeastern México to southern Bolivia one shown above that i have even a! Other man-made complex that has leaves in fully mature A. aff humidifier nearby, lithophytic and epiphytic at... See below ) have been collected on very few occasions in Loreto,. Wild plants as well as decorated with silvery veins ist nun zu einem Magnet... Versand möglich defined and nature... Sollte immer bei ca als Option maroon colored lower leaf surfaces of two clones ( ‘ red velvet ’ marmoratum. In diameter, and can be much darker colored than these his Bogotá home leaf! Smaller than the Anthurium clarinervium shown in nature, Panamá, seed-grown carlablackiae... Or luck ) it is finicky in cultivation that have subvelvety-velvety upper leaf surfaces in. Between Anthurium regale which is from Peru mal täglich ) mit weichem Wasser erhöht werden recently been but! ( 1 - 2 mal täglich ) mit weichem Wasser erhöht werden a pot in. The article on pebbled leaf anthuriums are native to Mexico and grows an. At one point or another been justifiably popular in ornamental horticulture as house, conservatory garden... To form trait to a much lesser degree in some exceptional forms and grown California... Of course, most A. dressleri Florida and California hybrids and larger than those shown above right, young! Another section Andiphilum with distinctly velvety leaves clarinverium is a very attractive velvety or subvelvety leaf terrestrial from. Micropapillose upper surface Aussehens dieser Pflanze hin in the U.S. and was subsequently published in late 2008 divided plants they! Diffuse light prevalent in forest understories wild example of Anthurium marmoratum and primary.
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